Advanced Media Restoration

Services Summary

Analogue tape transfers 

Our engineers are able to transfer most types of analogue audio tape from mono 1/4" right up to 24 track 2" on reels up to 12" diameter. MORE INFO

Digital tape transfers 

AMR transfers many types of digital tapes including: DAT Cassettes ADAT (44.1k & 48k, 16 & 20 Bit)24 & 48 Track Sony DASH Sony F1 Betamax Sony U-Matic 1600 / 1610 / 1630 MORE INFO

Digital audio restoration There are a number of digital tools at our disposal capable of high quality audio improvements. MORE INFO

Archiving for record labels & libraries

Our staff are well accustomed to working with sizable record company archives, and have arranged the studios so that we can work quickly and efficiently at high volumes. All media is photographed, barcoded and recorded in a digital database to accompany the completed work. MORE INFO

‘Analogisation’ - well that’s what we call it! This is a service in which our engineers process (‘analogise’)your digital files through a tape machine to give them that classic analogue sound. MORE INFO

Mixdowns, remastering, remixes and digital editing 

With digital audio on the internet now the predominant form of music sales, it's never been easier or a better time to re-issue, re-master and commission remixes of recordings. Our studio has the ability to digitally re-master your recordings and also compile albums for production or distribution. MORE INFO



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