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‘Analogisation’ - well that’s what we call it !

This is a service (albeit with a slightly made up name) where we can process (analogise) your digital files through the tape machine to give them that classic "Analogue" sound.This can be done both for stereo mixes and for multitrack recordings. Recording to analogue tape mainly gives a combination of compression, saturation, odd harmonic distortion and EQ, although there's a handful of other variables that all contribute to giving digital audio anun-emulatable character. These characteristics change dependent on the levels they are recorded onto tape and the tape speed. What we can offer is a service where you can send (either physically or you can upload files to our server) the original files to us. We then set them up in the sequencer to play through the tape machine, monitoring back from the tape machine in real time.


Due to the fact that the amount of signal going to the tape affects how much of the tape "sound" that you get, we can put you in control of the session via a remote desktop application, with the session audio streaming at full quality back to your own home or studio.This leaves you free to make the creative descisions, a/b the files against the original and ultimately get exactly the sound that you want. Once you are happy with all the files, we bounce the session back down to disk and put the processed files on the server for you to download. Of course, if you don't want to direct the session personally, you would not be disappointed should you trust our seasoned engineers to produce the optimum sound for you. We have found that RMG 900 tape is best for this as it can take extremely high levels without breaking up. Engineer based analogue processing is charged as a flat per track. Remote Analogisation is booked like a convertional studio. Flat fee for the first hour, then per half hour afterwards.



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*AMR Studios is a trading name of Advanced Media Restoration Ltd